High, We Need a Break


Ever had those, “It’s not you, it’s me, moments? I think most of us have in one way, shape, or form. But the next question is, have you ever had those feelings about cannabis?

My answer is yes, and it’s totally okay if yours is too!

Sometimes we just need to take a break, and that’s OKAY! It’s good to take a step back sometimes. This doesn’t mean cannabis is bad or that you don’t like it. It also doesn’t make cannabis a negative thing. All of life is about balancing, about accepting and understanding the life/death/life cycle that is in everything we do. We all need breaks - and this doesn’t mean just with cannabis, but with every aspect of life.

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Healthy Munchies

 I’m someone who gets the munchies pretty damn bad when I smoke, and especially for sweets. I definitely will go through my unhealthy binges of sweets, chips, and other deliciously awful snacks. But for the most part, I TRY, keyword here: try, to eat the healthiest I can. In doing this, I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks I use to avoid unhealthy munching.

These may not work for everyone, and others may even have better tricks! If so, I’m all ears, I want to know and I think the rest of the world deserves to know as well!


Whatever you do, just don’t do this. Shopping high is the ultimate no no and how you end up coming home with 10 bags of Fritos, nacho cheese, and a galloon of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Shopping high is a dangerous path to walk on and I wouldn’t suggest it.

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